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carry on links

carry on line - for all your carry on merchandise requirements

carry on blog - for all the lastest carry on news

the heritage foundation
- their official site

anita harris - her official site

bernard cribbins
- his official site

john clive - his official site

margaret nolan - her official site

valerie leon - her official site

studio canal - owners of carry on sergeant to carry on screaming

granada ventures - owners of carry on don't lose your head to carry on emmannuelle

tv links

bless this house - home of sid's telly programme

lower storpington - splendid looking fan site for the avengers

bbc - they recommend us y'know

other links

pinewood studios - where the carry ons were made - great site and they helped immeasurably on the location section!
slough filming services - make slough your ideal location!

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