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that's carry on 1977




Himself Kenneth Williams
Herself Barbara Windsor
Screenplay Tony Church
Producer Peter Rogers
Director Gerald Thomas


Er, none to speak of. Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor introduce the best bits of the Carry Ons. Although towards the end Kenneth needs a pee and Barbara locks him in the projection booth.


Released as a 'B' movie to the Alistair Maclean spy film 'Golden Rendezvous', That's Carry On was a compilation movie inspired by MGM's That's Entertainment series. Only with Sid James as opposed to Frank Sinatra.

This is an enjoyable celebration of the series, but it makes you pine for the past, as the glory days of the Carry Ons were sadly long behind them. The previous film, Carry On England, doesn't even get a look in here, except as a statistic. Probably because its rubbish.

Anyway, the film clips are shown in the following order: Head, Camel, Doctor, Sergeant, Nurse, Teacher, Constable, Regardless, Cabby, Spying, Cruising, Jack, Cleo, Cowboy, Screaming!, Camping, Again Doctor, Up the Jungle, Loving, Henry, Matron, Abroad, Girls, Dick, Behind, At Your Convenience, Up The Khyber.

Both Kenneth and Barbara are in fine form and its great to see them together as they're the perfect choice as hosts. The linking material they have together works fairly well, although its a bit of a shame that the credits are played over Kenny's final rousing speech.

That's Carry On marked the last gasp of the series. It's quite entertaining, but won't really stand up to repeated viewings and it's a bit sad to see the series living on past glories.

other information

Kenneth Eastaugh's
Carry On Book was tied in with the film, and even appeared on the quad.

This film was the direct inspiration for the numerous Carry On Clip shows that are still shown today.

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