suzanne's sexy send-up

Over the years the Carry On series has successfully taken the mickey out of several outstanding films like Cleopatra and Henry VIII And His Six Wives. now that super French sex symbol Emmanuelle comes in for an hilarious send-up in Carry On Emmannuelle (note that her name is spelt with two 'n's to distinguish from her from the original). And its a landmark in the Carry Ons, for its the thirtieth in the phenomenal series.

Played by delectable newcomer Suzanne Danielle, Emmannuelle is the wife of the French Ambassador to London (Kenneth Williams), and she flies to join him by Concorde. Mid-Flight she seduces a young man named Theodore (Larry Dann) who from then on professes undying love for the beautiful ambassadress of free love.

Arriving in London, she is introduced to the staff at the Embassy who include Lyons the butler (Jack Douglas), known to her as 'Loins', Mrs Dangle the housekeeper (Joan Sims), Leyland the chauffeur (Kenneth Connor) and Richmond the doddering retainer (Peter Butterworth).

She proceeds to have clandestine affairs with members of the Government and the Opposition, and when she refuses to run away with the lovesick Theodore and live with him and his Mum (Beryl Reid), he reveals her indiscretions to the press, making her the most famous sex symbol in Britain.

Carry On Emmannuelle, a Rank release, has not only two N's but two A's as well - the AA Censor's Certificate - so you can tell what a saucy affair it is.

picture caption: Emile Prevent (Kenneth Williams) is more interested in building up his muscles than yielding to the amorous advances of his wife Emmannuelle (Suzanne Danielle).