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ccarry on emmannuelle 1978




Emile Prevert Kenneth Williams
Emmannuelle Suzanne Danielle
Leyland Kenneth Connor
Mrs Dangle Joan Sims
Lyons Jack Douglas
Richmond Peter Butterworth
Theodore Larry Dann
Mrs Valentine Beryl Reid
Nurse in Surgery Tricia Newby
Doctor Albert Moses
Harold Hump Henry McGee
Harry Hernia Howard Nelson
Blonde in Pub Claire Davenport
BBC Newscaster Tim Brinton
ITN Newscaster Corbett Woodall
Prime Minister Robert Dorning
US Ambassador Bruce Boa
Old General Eric Barker
Launderette Man Victor Maddern
Drunken Sailor Norman Mitchell
Fleet Admiral Jack Lynn
Police Chief Michael Nightingale
Lord Chief Justice Llewellyn Rees
Arabian Official Steve Plytas
Cynical Lady Joan Benham
Nurse in Hospital Marianne Maskell
Girl at Zoo Louise Burton
Officer Dino Shaffek
Customs Officer David Hart
German Soldier Gertan Klauber
Sentry Malcolm Johns
French Parson John Carlin
Screenplay Lance Peters
Producer Peter Rogers
Director Gerald Thomas

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article from the jan 1979 edition of film review
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Emmannuelle is the young, sexy wife of French Ambassador to the UK, Emile Prevert. Due to an incident with a church spire whilst out parachuting, Emile is no longer able to satisfy the sexual urges of Emmanuelle so she has to seek gratification elsewhere.

We first meet her aboard Concorde on her way to London to be reunited with her husband. Feeling a bit bored she flirts with some of the males aboard the aircraft including a young man named Theodore Valentine, who can't believe his luck as they both join the mile high club in the toilets.

After the plane lands, and after she finally gets through Customs after some misunderstandings with the Customs Officer, she arrives at the Ambassadorial Residence. We are soon introduced to the staff. They include Lyons (pronounced 'Loins' by Emmannuelle) the Butler, Mrs Dangle the Housekeeper, Leyland the Chauffeur and Richmond the old retainer.

Meanwhile Theodore has arrived back at his Mothers house, who fusses over him like an old hen. She tells him not to be so silly when Theodore announces that he's fallen in love with Emmannuelle.

Later on, Leyland takes Emmannuelle on a sight-seeing tour of London. After seeing some landmarks Emmannuelle decides to get up to some mischief with a guard at St James' Palace, however for obvious reasons, he remains unmoved by Emmannuelle's attentions.

Later that evening, a dinner party takes place at the Ambassadorial Residence with many distinguished guests in attendance. More misunderstandings occur after Emmannuelle has a conversation with the Police Chief regarding a possible assassination attempt on her husband. She decides to search all the guests for any concealed weapons....under the table! Afterwards she decides to get to know them all very much better...

After receiving some flowers from Theodore, whom she has forgotten, she goes and talks to the servants, and they all reminisce about their unusual amorous experience. These involve a seedy East End flat, the Second World War, London Zoo, a laundrette and a parachute jump in which a steeple plays a major part in affecting Emile's not quite so major part.

Theodore decides to visit Emmannuelle and to declare his love to her, Emmannuelle however is not interested and after Theodore leaves, goes upstairs to watch her husband doing a physical workout to TV body-building personality Harry Hernia. She decides to go and visit Harry, but what she doesn't realise is that Theodore has followed her. Listening outside the door he completely misunderstands what's going on the other side, he rings her up later to tell her that he loves her. Once again his advances are spurned so he decides to abduct her.

The next day, Emile and Emmannuelle attend a football match where the Ambassador is due to present a cup. She gets bored watching the match so decides to go the changing rooms for a bit of fun with the players resulting in all the players pretending to be injured or being sent off. Yet again Theodore has followed her and is most upset at what he sees. He phones her again, pretending to be Harry Hernia, and arranges a meeting in an attempt to kidnap her, but fails miserably to do any kidnapping. He decides to do something really drastic, he contacts the Sunday papers to publish the pictures he's taken of Emmannuelle with all of her husbands friends, TV personalities and footballers. The pictures are a sensation and many prominent members of British high society are left quite embarrassed.

Emmanuelle decides to be interviewed on TV by Harold Hump and much to his chagrin, doesn't deny the allegations made against her. Instead she admits to all of them and doesn't regret a single one much to the embarrassment of many of the people watching and indeed to Harold Hump himself, as he succumbs to Emmannuelle's charms live on air.

Poor Theodore is still besotted by Emmannuelle. Finding himself at a low ebb he attempts to shoot himself. In typical Theodore fashion, he can't even do that right.
Meanwhile, Emile bites the bullet goes and see his doctor, explaining about the steeple incident and his lack of performance since then. Thankfully, the doctor assures him that his problem is all in his mind. Invigorated by this news, Emile rushes home and for the first time in years makes love to Emmannuelle.

Some time later Emmannuelle goes to the doctor and is surprised to learn that she is pregnant as she is is on the pill. It's only later that Emile tells her he switched the pills for fertility pills. Fast forward several months and the film ends with Emmannuelle surrounded by her six children.......and everyone that dallianced with her during the course of the film!


Oh dear, not good we're afraid. The film is an absolute shambles and portrays the Carry Ons at their lowest ebb. Based on the soft porn series of the mid 1970's, not even the combined talents of Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Joan Sims, Peter Butterworth Jack Douglas and a welcome addition from Beryl Reid can pull the film out of the doldrums.

An obvious attempt to base the film around the old regulars was attempted here (as opposed to 1976's Carry on England) and the scenes that the old gang have together generally work OK and thus spare it from getting no stars. But there's no getting away from the fact that this film sets out and succeeds to be completely smutty and even has the dubious honour of having the first swear word of the series, uttered twice in quick succession.

The plot, what little there is, is boring and some scenes are allowed to run on for far too long, especially when Emmannuelle is seducing her husbands friends. But the main problem with the film, is that it's just not funny. We wish we could think of a funny line in the entire film, but there just isn't one unfortunately.

Suzanne Danielle is an acceptable enough female lead, even if she does go through the film with a very dodgy French accent, but her part is just underwritten and any funny lines that she does have, well, aren't very funny. Its the fault of the screenplay really. Four people worked on it, Lance Peters and uncredited Peter Rogers, Willy Rushton and Vince Powell, but none of them could come up with anything decent here.

The original Emmanuelle was made four years previously, so as well as all the above the series looked like it was extremely out of touch. The Carry Ons were trying to compete with the 'Confessions of' series, but was unwilling to go as far as them, so the film sits uncomfortably between the two. Avoid if you have any common sense.

other information

There was a rumour during its release that Barbara Windsor has stormed off the set in disgust at the script. In actual fact, she hadn't even been near the set.

Kenneth Williams was also unhappy at the level of smut in this one, so after numerous rewrites and an increase in salary, he finally signed on the dotted line.
If you do decide to view, keep your eyes peeled for Carry On veterans Eric Barker and Victor Maddern.

After the series had parted company with The Rank Organisation, a new investment company was found by the name of Cleeves, who stumped up 350,000 whilst a new production company was established entitled Thirtieth Films.

The film wasn't available on home video for years due to wrangling over its certificate.

Carry On Emmannuelle was the biggest flop of the series and probably explains the 14 year gap between this one and 1992's Carry On Columbus.

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