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New York, Paris, Queensland - these are just three of the locations that the series never visited. Instead of expensive filming in foreign climes, the Carry On's stuck to their own back yard which was in and around Pinewood studios. So familiar locations in Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor and (less commonly) Ealing were utilised, in some cases more than once. So as you can tell, when it came to locations, every expense was spared.

However, there were times that the story called for something a bit more exotic. Therefore, the sweeping majesty of India in Carry On Up The Khyber was substituted by Snowdonia in Wales. The desert in Follow That Camel was actually Camber Sands in Rye. There were even two trips down to Brighton for Carry On at your Convenience and Carry On Girls to film the Pier sequences.

Of course the world has moved on a great deal since the films were made and naturally many of  the locations have changed substantially. For example Brighton's West Pier, used in Carry On Girls, has fallen into the sea after many years of neglect. Indeed the pier was in a dangerous state when filming started back in 1973 and was closed two years later. The Palace Pier used in Carry On at your Convenience has changed beyond recognition, as a great deal of the original buildings have been removed. The old Odeon cinema in Uxbridge seen in Carry On at your Convenience and the Wundatours shop seen in Carry On Abroad have both been demolished.  The Playhouse cinema seen at the beginning of Carry On Camping has been modernised, so it's lost a great deal of the charm it once had.

Thankfully it's not all bad news. Windsor & Eton train station underwent a major regeneration in the mid 1990's. All the locations used are still there, but the station looks so much better in the present day. A great example of sympathetic urban renewal. Apparently it's now a grade II listed building.

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